When moving home, these tips can help you get organised and packed while avoiding last minute panic and stress, and some are worth bearing in mind whatever room you might be packing, but there are a few specific things to consider when packing up your bedroom.

Have a sort out and clean up

Trying to pack anything in a messy bedroom is going to make things a lot more difficult than they need to be. Have a clean-up and get everything organised. While you’re doing this, try and sort out any old clothes and belongings that you don’t want or need anymore, as these can be removed from the get go, leaving you to focus on the things you will be taking with you. Any unwanted items can be given to charity or sold to help with removal costs.

Pack up small items and clutter

The first thing to do is pack up all incidental/small items around the room. Things like bedside lamps, any decorations, books and photos. Get all these in a couple of boxes (labelled of course!) and out the way. You can then start to focus on clearing out wardrobes and any larger items in the room.

Clothing and wardrobes

Next, clear out all your wardrobes and drawers of clothing. While you can certainly pack your clothes in boxes, it might be better to leave these for other items. Instead, you can pack clothes in suitcases (you might as well make use of them!), any unused bags or even laundry baskets. If you have unused containers, like travel cases and so on, better to use them than pack them in the removal van empty. Shoes can go back in the boxes they were purchased in (if you kept them) and then packed into a larger box with more bulky items.


This will probably be one of the last things you pack, and the first you’ll want to unpack, so make sure to keep your bedding handy and labelled when moving. There are a few options to consider when packing duvets and pillows. Large bags can be used, laundry bins, or more specialist plastic packing cases which are designed especially for bedding. These can be found online. If space is a concern (as bedding can be quite bulky), then vacuum packing containers can be a good solution, as they reduce the size of duvets by considerable amount, making them much smaller and easier to handle.


Ideally, it’s best to leave removing the furniture until last, once everything else is out the way. A good approach is to remove the smallest pieces first (chairs etc), leaving the biggest until last. If any of your furniture can be disassembled, it’s preferable to do so, as not only will it be much easier to handle them when loading up removal vans, some pieces, such as desks, may be able to be packed in a box, keeping all the parts together and saving up on space.

Have a final check, and repair and repaint

This final tip is especially relevant if you are moving out of a rented property, as you will want to make sure you are eligible for the return of your security deposit. Once everything is cleared out, have a good clean and hoover, and check the walls for any damaged paintwork or holes that can be repaired.

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