16Jun 2015
House Moving Checklist
House Moving Checklist

House removals and everything that comes with a large scale relocation task can be rather daunting and if you’re not fully prepared, moving day will creep up on you and can things can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you looking for a way out. Don’t let it get to this stage. Prepare to the max and structure your time in such a way so as to allow you to get everything done in plenty of time. This is the surest way to a smooth and relatively stress free transition into your new house. So follows these top tips and begin ticking things off you to-do list.

1.    Start preparing for your move well in advance of moving day.
Leaving everything until the last minute is possibly the worst thing that you could do. Do this and you’ll be panicking, make mistakes and overlook some of the most important aspects of the move. Do little by little and eventually everything will be ready to go on moving day.

2.    Get yourself plenty of packing materials and supplies.
Most of the removal companies in the industry offer a range of services in addition to the bog standard removal services for moving day. So when calling up moving companies, ask about any packing services that they may be able to offer.  If you’re short of time and are busy with work or family commitments, you may be able to get yourself some hired help to aid you with the packing process.  Most of these companies should also be able to provide you with packing materials and should have special deals and offers put in place which should save you some money if you bulk buy. So get yourself plenty of materials such as tape, foam, bubble wrap, filling and plastic containers so that you can get started and begin preparing for your move.

3.    Pack smartly.
Again, when it comes to packing, leave yourself plenty of time to pack your items securely and efficiently. But you’re still going to need some of your items before you make the move. Therefore it’s a good idea to make a priority packing checklist. Begin by packing those items that you can do without until you’ve moved in to your new house. Don’t forget to label everything as you go, which will reduce the risk of any confusion and boxes going to the wrong places.

4.    Removals and storage.
Decide what you’re actually planning on taking with you to your new house. If your new place isn’t quite ready yet or you’re planning on doing some decorating or renovation work, it could well be worth putting your possessions into storage for a few weeks until you get your house sorted. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a well reputed storage company that you can bank upon to keep your possessions safe and secure. Storage and removals in London often go hand in hand with many removal companies also being able to provide you with an accessible storage unit. So ask around, do your research and see if you can get yourself a discount by booking the two together.

5.    Hire a vehicle.
If you’re moving house, it’s unlikely that you’re going be able to move everything yourself.  So either call in some favours and get the help of a friend with a large vehicle, or hire a van and team of removal experts to help you with the task. But don’t get suckered in to hiring a van just because it comes with a lot of space.  Pay for what you need and hire a vehicle that will have enough space to transport your belongings.

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