11Nov 2014
How To Choose The Perfect Date For Your Move
How To Choose The Perfect Date For Your Move
Like every important date in life, the moving house day should also be chosen carefully and properly. It`s not that date that will stay in your memories for a lifetime, neither a date to forget after a couple of days. The moving house date is something like the beginning of a new life or maybe just a transition between space and time. Sometimes, it comes to a quite huge space and on a quite long distance. Add all your stuffs, bags and boxes, and you may feel that imaginary day quite heavy as well. That`s why a great idea is to choose the perfect date for your move according some important things and factors to comply with. The first one is to try to schedule your relocation off the peak season.A moving day after the peak season can enhance your removal adventure into a pleasant or even into an amusing adventure. The peak season is usually the summertime, when people come and go with their cars, go visiting friends and family members, travel between the ocean and the sea or maybe moving their own houses too. That`s why a couple of weeks before or the very first weeks of the summer is a great opportunity to evade the hustle and bustle. The streets and the suburbs are still quite calmer and quieter, than in the mid-summer, while the removal services are cheaper too. In addition, you get the best evasion from the overwhelming hot summer days with an air temperature of often over 30 degrees Celsius and a powerful tapping summer sunshine. What better way for meeting the neighbors, loading/unloading heavy boxes or just for strolling around your new house all day long?Try to avoid the big national holidays or some of the greatest holidays in the year such as Christmas and Easter. They are these holidays, when everyone travel for somewhere and the vacations offer plenty of free time to do so. For small removals in UK for the weekend or for a usual holiday - you can still find a perfect date for the relocation and even some cheap removals. However, the days before and during the big holidays are these days that can make your travel a real pain. Imagine some of the worst cases with traffic jams along the main streets, nervous neighbors or mothers with cars who constantly beeping and screaming loudly, and your inventory is somewhere along the route to your new home, but with a risk of the frequently stopping and going van. That`s why try to choose a moving day before the big holidays.If you plan a date for moving abroad by air - wait for the best ticket price. Except all the other considerations from international standards of packaging to special cargo requirements or airport storage fees, it should be better to pay less or to wait for the best offer from your airline. Fortunately, the lowest ticket prices are usually off the peak seasons when the people traffic is not so overwhelming as well.At last but not at least – when choosing the perfect date for your move via man and van or with a big moving company, always keep a close communication with your moving agent. They are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience to help you to take a pick of the best free date, according to your requirements. Make sure that you bring the agent`s telephone number with yourself, as well as all the other important contacts, schedules and checklists.

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