As you know, the average house dweller tends to collect an inordinate amount of house ware, for wont of a better word, over the period of their residence.  There is nothing worse than finding out you have boxes full of things that you simply can’t take with you, for whatever reason. It can be anything from threadbare sofas to old children’s keyboards.
    The category of items that comes under, useful but unwanted, there are a number of ways you can rid yourself of them, depending on your personal preferences. An easy way to do it, is to contact people you know, who maybe have friends or family who, in turn, have friends or family, that need such items as dining room tables or arm chairs. Students are particularly good to aim this technique at because, as a general rule, they are always happy to take more things in that may make their life easier. If you are already a student, then you do actually have the option of leaving it behind for the next tenants. Just call your landlord and find out if the next people in the house or apartment are students and they can get in touch with them for you, to ask if they do indeed want what you do not.  
    A more common way to do it is by selling your items. Nowadays this is more commonly done through EBay, but there are other more localized websites that will help you get in touch with people closer to your area. Gumtree is a particular favourite as it has city specific pages where you can place adverts for you unwanted leftovers. Make sure, if you use a website, to stipulate clearly if you can drop the items off, or if you need people to pick them up. Obviously, being able to drop them off will increase your chances of selling so it might be worth asking a family member or a friend with a driving license to help you out. If you’re selling something particularly large, like a bed frame or a cupboard, it doesn’t cost an awful lot to rent a van or truck from a local company for a few hours. It would be advisable to try and get your “selling” done in one day, if you have a lot of things to sell, so you don’t have to rent a vehicle more than once.
    If you live in an apartment building, an effective way of dispersing your unwanted goods is by putting up flyers around the building informing people that you have certain items available. Of course, it is up to you if you put a price tag on them or not. You can put adverts in a variety of public places, such as newsagents, supermarkets and newspapers. Be concise in your advert; give dimensions regarding size and descriptions of condition, age and colour. This is a very effective way of selling things you have to leave behind.
    Be mindful that you give yourself plenty of time to rid yourself of these residential leftovers. You don’t want to be stressed come the day before you move, as you will already have enough on your hands. However, if all else fails, and you can’t shift everything (or anything) there is bound to be a local tip in to which you pour everything in.

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