Searching for your ideal property can seem like a never ending task, and you may start to worry that you are asking too much or being unrealistic and this may make you consider lowering your expectations and looking at previous properties you had ruled out.  Do not do this, when you find the right house, you will know, if none of the houses you have already visited felt right to you, then they probably weren’t.
Most people say that when they finally found their dream home they instinctively knew it as soon as they saw or entered the property, something about the property felt like home to them.  Don’t ignore your gut instinct, if something is telling you that this is the house for you, and especially if all the family agree, you should put in an offer as soon as you can.
The following are indications that you have found the right home for you and your family to live in, if you tick some, most or even all of these boxes then you have found your ideal house, congratulations.
-    When you pull up outside the house you are drawn to it, it feels familiar to you and you feel like you would be happy coming home here every day.
-    As soon as you enter the house you feel comfortable, you feel like you are at home.  You don’t feel too uncomfortable looking around the house, starting to feel like you already own the place.
-    You are at ease going into and looking at the bathroom of the property.  Most buyers prefer not to go into someone else’s bathroom and instead will stand at the doorway, poke their heads in for a quick glance and move onto the next room.
-    While you are walking around the house, you start to picture where you could place your belongings, where things would look best, you start to see yourself living there.  You look at the walls you’d like to change the paper on, and the garden you’d like to add a shed too.
-    The house has everything you were looking for, and all the things you didn’t realise you wanted but do.  It can cater to all of you standard basic needs and can house all of your family and their belongings.
-    You are enthusiastic about the property, you tell everybody every detail about it and try to take as many photos as possible to show everyone. You make excuses to pass it whenever you can just to have a look at it.  
-    If someone says anything negative about the house you find yourself on the defensive, “no the second bedroom isn’t small, its cosy, just the right size”, every flaw you or someone else finds in the house you find you can overlook and live with, or convince yourselves that it was meant to be that way, or “it’s ok, it won’t cost much to fix/replace”.
-    Apart from knowing that you shouldn’t rush into buying a house, everything else in you is telling you to go for it and put in an offer, asking the question “what are you waiting for”.
Don’t rush into anything, you may regret putting in an offer without considering it first.  Equally, don’t drag your feet too long, the longer you leave it to make an offer the more chance you have of someone else buying it before you get chance too.  There a fine line between jumping in feet first and dragging your feet, make a decision as quickly as you can and if you like the house, put in an offer as soon as possible.

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