An international move is no small undertaking, and for things to go as smoothly as possible you’ll need to make sure you are well organised and have planned accordingly. There are a few essential steps to take before you move abroad that can be done in advance of the actual relocation. Ideally, the more you can get done ahead of moving day the better, as this will minimise the stress and probability of problems occurring.

Check documentation is in order

It’s essential to make sure your passport is in order and valid, as this will be a major problem if not. Although you have probably checked this when you were planning the move, it doesn’t hurt to do another check a few months in advance, along with making sure you have all other documentation up to date for when you enter your new home country. Make sure you are clear what the requirements are in your destination country too. Many countries have different immigration and citizenship procedures, so it will help you to get settled in and registered as a citizen if you are aware of what these requirements are and have all the necessary documents up to date.

Some common documents that you’ll want to check will be things like your driving licence, passport, and medical documents. If you plan on taking pets, again be sure you are aware of the countries policies regarding the transportation of animals. It’s also a good idea to get your pet a check up at the vet a few months before leaving, as well as finding out what documentation you’ll need for them.

International Movers

Overseas shipping can take some time, so the more you can get ready and sent early the better. Ideally, try to get all non essentials packed up and in your shipping container a few months in advance. You’ll also want to start thinking about essential items that can be taken with you personally when you make the move abroad. It may take some time for your household goods to arrive at your new home, and there are many cases where people have had to wait for a month or more for them to arrive. Check around with international moving companies and try to find a schedule that works best for you. You’ll still want to take the basics with you though - some cooking utensils, a few changes of clothes, bathroom goods and so on, so you can still get by day to day until the rest of your things arrive.

Let people know you are moving

This is best done a few months in advance of your international relocation too, as once moved it might be something that gets forgotten in the excitement of getting your new home in order. When moving internationally, you’ll need to inform not only family and friends, but also all companies and service providers you have dealings with, especially your bank, the tax office and insurance companies etc. While it is unlikely that these companies will need to get in touch with you, should the event arise you will be easily reachable. The chances are you won’t need to be in contact with them again, but it can be helpful having reliable correspondence if there are any discrepancies that they need to contact you directly to sort out.

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