Moving can often leave us in a panic. There is a lot to organise for moving day and if you’re not prepared it can quickly turn into a very stressful and unpleasant experience. The best way to make sure you move goes as smoothly as possible is by getting your current home prepared a few months in advance. This will save you tons of time when moving day arrives and make the whole process much less stressful.


The first thing to do is plan ahead. The main task when preparing your house will be the packing and organising of all your things, so begin by drawing up a list of what you have, what things can be got rid of prior to the move, valuables, and then what items are used the least, through to the things you use the most. Once this is done, you can draw up a corresponding schedule that runs up to moving day. Things like dealing with old items, packing valuables and unused goods can then be put at the top of your schedule to be done well in advance of your move. By planning the packing this way, you will have most of the hard work done by moving day. Also, you should make sure to note down any work that needs to be done on the house before you move, such as cleaning and minor repairs etc.

Clearing out

Once you have a good idea of what things you won’t be taking with you on your SW20 move, you can start looking for ways to sell them or give them to charity. This will free up space to store things that need to be packed early, and also contribute some funds to your moving budget as a bonus. Check the SW20 area for car boot sales or fetes where you might be able to sell some of your old things. You could, of course, also use EBay or free cycle to sell and pass on unwanted goods.

Organised packing

As mentioned, being organised when packing will help you out a lot come moving day, and will give you more time to make any last minute repairs and clean up before you move out. By simply labelling your boxes with a marker or sticky label, you can make sure that all the items from each room are stored, packed and unpacked together. It can be even more helpful to colour code your boxes by room so they can be identified at a glance. By gradually adding to your packed items by following your schedule, you will slowly free up space around the house, leaving you the room to deal with the larger items once moving day arrives.

Repairs and cleaning

A few days before you have to move, go around the house and check for any minor repairs that might need to be done (anything major should be dealt with well in advance of moving), and clean every room thoroughly - you may well find some stray items that need to be packed!

Preparing for loading

A few hours before the SW20 removal men arrive, make sure to get all your packed items into an easy to access location as close to the entrances as possible. Organise them by room as per your labelling, and try to get heavy items and furniture into accessible locations in their respective rooms. Don’t try to move them too far until the removal men arrive though, and don’t attempt this on your own! Overall, you should then be ready to leave your old SW20 home in good time and with minimum stress.

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