The time we move can be a decision out of our hands, due to a business, an office move or a new job for instance. Sometimes planning a move needs to be done as quickly as possible and as soon as possible. Choosing the right time for a move can be chosen by you.

Time and timing often don’t come hand in hand. Therefore choosing a removal time is a challenging task. Some professionals would say moving in spring or autumn is a lot less busy and easier. These two seasons are often the best time of year to find a removals company that is a good price and offer decent deals. Peak season is May to August and this time is normally a no-go zone. But if the time of year for your removal is out of your hands, you will have to deal with the time you are allocated. Renting a van or hiring a removals company can be a lot more costly during peak times. You should be prepared for changes in price depending on the seasons. The summer seems to be when everyone is moving, but of course it depends when the property you are moving to will be available. The first weekend of a new month is possibly one of the busiest times for moving. You will have to consider school and public holidays too before making a decision.

Keep in mind the school calendar. Manage the difficult situation of allowing your children time to say goodbye to their friends and the environment they have grown used to, before the start of a school term. This is usually why moving during the summertime with children in particular, can prove easier as the area alien to them. A few weeks at the new location will allow them time to adapt to their home, the people and the area. It will therefore be easier for them to adjust in school and make friends.
Try to avoid planning a move before holidays such as Easter or Christmas. A holiday normally means to spend time with friends and family, rather than asking for their help with minding the children or packing. If you need help, try to arrange so during a normal week to avoid any dispute. If you manage to settle in your new home weeks or months before a big holiday you can use this opportunity to meet new people and get used to your new area.

Summer is considerably a more expensive time to move but it’s ultimately an easy time to move. With the weather being generally a lot better than the winter months and the school holidays in full swing, your worries will lessen and the ease of moving will come naturally. If you move during the colder winter months or early spring, you will find it cheaper but a little more complicated. Trying to get time off or organise the children or pets for example may cause some unwanted stress. It’s better to really think before planning an actual time.

Whether you choose to move during a morning or late afternoon, again depends on your personal circumstance. But often moving in the morning will prove easier, especially during a weekday where parking spaces are more available, as you will have to reserve these in advance and communicate with your neighbours to find out if they’ll be around. So whether you choose to move on a weekend in June or during a Tuesday morning in March, is totally your choice. But do try to keep in check prices, availability and responsibilities before you secure a date and time.

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