A home removal is one of those experiences that take you by surprise every time, no matter how many times you’ve gone through them before. International home removals are all the more challenging given the large distance you’re moving and the very nature of the removal (shifting from one country to another is a big task).
Remember the two Ps of home removal. No home removal is successful without patience and planning. A home removal can be a nerve-wracking time for anybody. With so much to do, it is important to keep a cool head and stay focussed at all times. Keep the two Ps close and your home removal is bound to be a breeze.
The first step is to decide what you want to pack and take along to the new house, and what you will be discarding. For an international move, the less you take along the better. Not only will a lot of luggage complicate the process, it will also add to your transportation costs. Start early because unlike a local move where you can just pack a few days before you move, with an international removal there will a lot of other things to do, so the sooner you start, the less worried you will be.
A move between countries, overland or overseas, involves a lot of logistical planning and it is far more practical to let professionals handle it. Movers who undertake international removals will sort out how to handle formalities in freight and ease the load of transporting goods through their established networks and contacts. Compare the quotes of various firms to get the best value for your money.
Choose whether to take your belongings by air or ship. There are pros and cons of either decision that you should give yourself enough time to consider. For instance choosing airfreight speeds things up greatly. You can even have your belongings land with you at the time of your arrival. However, this is an expensive method, and the more items you take along by this mode, the more money you will be spending.
Alternatively, the cheaper option is to use a container on a freight ship to move your items. You can either book a whole container or choose to share it with someone. Ship cargo works on volume and not weight so if you choose to share a container with someone, your goods might have to wait till the entire container has been filled. Also, this method takes considerably more time.
Packing up your belongs is a time consuming and extremely physically demanding task. When you are undertaking an international move, it is important that every item is packed with the utmost care to prevent any damage during the long move. This task is best delegated to a professional team of packers. Packers will know how to treat fragile objects and know what techniques and packaging will hold up best over the distance.
Decide what to do about the things you aren’t taking along. We’re all attached to the things we own but when you’re moving to a different country, taking everything along is not possible. It makes more sense to leave things like furniture, decorative objects or even clothes behind if they are unsuited to the new location or can be replaced upon arrival. Many electronics might be region-locked or may not work due to different electrical outputs. Such objects can be given to friends and family, sold or given to charity.
Start getting all your documents and paperwork in order, as much before the move as possible. You will especially want to ensure that all documents related to the move itself, such as the passports, visas, certificates, immunization and other medical papers are in order.

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