A man and van removal company is a fantastic asset to have on a move. They bring with them all of the conveniences that a professional mover does, but at a much lower price point. They'll roll up in a proper moving van, with all of the bells and whistles that you'd expect; storage racks, elastic cables, not to mention the man himself. Man and van removal companies are a lot smaller than the professionals, so the moving team will be smaller to compensate. Not that this really matters, a man and van mover is every bit as effective, and much lighter on your wallet.

Though, it doesn't matter how good the company is if you don't do your part. Your belongings all need to be sorted and packed before your movers get there, or you're going to run into problems. Don't fret too much though, because as long as you leave yourself a good amount of time to prepare, you'll be able to get everything sorted. Let's get started.

The first logical step to sorting your belongings out is to have a clear out. Check everywhere; in all of the cupboards, drawers, and in the attic and loft. You should be looking not only for things you'll want to take, but things that's worth donating or selling. Be as ruthless as possible when doing this, and only take what you will surely need. That jacket that's been stuffed at the back of your wardrobe that's three sizes too small can be checked off the list. Be as thorough as possible when sorting everything out; and consider leaving some of the larger pieces (like furniture and white goods) behind. The amount of value it might add to your house may be worth it. Besides, it's worth getting some fresh seating anyway. If you find anything that's worth something in your clear-out adventure, like some antiques and things like that, then consider flogging them at the second hand market, or on an Internet auction web site. Any extra cash you can raise can go a long way.

Now that you've figured out what you're taking, you've got to take care of the next sorting step; the packing. When it comes to this part of the process, there's a shortcut you can take – you can hire a packing company to take on some or all of the work. If such a service is within your budget, I would definitely recommend hiring one. They'll do the best job possible with the best materials. Though, such a luxury might be a little pricey for some, so here's a few packing tips;

The absolute first step in the packing process is to get a hold of all of the materials. Get a hold of some moving quality boxes, reinforced ones for the heavier items. Add to that some packing tape, to ensure your boxes stay closed until you need them. A few rolls of bubble wrap and packing paper to protect your things. And finally some labels and permanent markers, just so you can keep track of what room each box came from. Wrap everything you feel might break in the move in bubble wrap, Use it smartly, and use liberal amounts on the extra fragile stuff. Make sure each side is covered, and use the packing paper to plug up the empty space. Some packing peanuts or sheets of newspaper are both viable substitutes for packing paper. Other than that, just use common sense. Don't put more than the recommended amount in each box, even the reinforced ones can split if there's too much weight inside. And be sure to mark each box with the room the items inside came from, and if there are fragile goods inside.

So, everything should be ready for the arrival of your man and van mover once you've took care of the sorting. When it comes to the loading and transportation, however, you can let the trained professionals take care of that job. You just worry about making your own way there, everything else should be just fine.

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