Van rental is hands down the most cost effective way to move home, especially over short distances. But it also comes with some potential issues that, if left unchecked, could sour the moving experience. I've listed five things below that you should keep in mind before you take the rental keys.

Carrying Capacity

Size matters, especially when it comes to moving vans. You could just wing it, and get one that has more than enough space. But that's a waste of money, and goes against the money friendly plan that lead to the 'van rental' decision in the first place. So, what can you do? First off, make sure you make a good estimate. Measuring all of the boxes and furniture should lead you to a magic number of cubic inches or centimetres. If the van rental website or brochure doesn't mention the carrying capacity, make sure you send them an enquiry. Payload may also be an issue, but it's unlikely you'll be under the size limit but over the weight limit, unless you're transporting lead blocks.

Fuel Economy and Mechanical Quality

This is technically two factors, but they both have the potential to stop your journey in its tracks. Fuel economy (or range, if you will) is something you can either check on the van rental firm's website, or by doing a little research on the model itself. By keeping in the know about this, you can make a good estimate on how much fuel you will need if you've planned your journey already.

Reliability can be checked in similar ways; check online to see if the van model of choice has any potential bug bears, then check when you go to pick it up. Go over the usual things, like the controls and fluids but make sure you check for any unique problems that may arise. If you just take a moment to check these issues, you'll avoid any unnecessary stops on your move.

Costs, obvious and hidden

Saving money is one of your priorities, remember. So like I've mentioned, don't get too much van for your money, it's just a waste. But make sure that you know what all of the costs are, especially things like; the late fees, insurance and any discounts you may be eligible for. A great deal of these firms offer membership discounts for first time users. It never hurts to ask about such things.

Travelling Distance

If you require multiple trips and your house is too far away, it may be worthwhile looking into self storage. Self storage units are houses or containers where you can keep your goods overnight if your house is unavailable. It's definitely an option if the van in your price range doesn't cut it for one trip.

Also consider 'drop off points', you will have to return the van sometime and it's definitely more convenient to have a drop off point close by than to drive the vehicle all the way back. Once again, check the renter's website or ask about it. It's all in the planning.

Extra Services and Features

Extra features could include ramps and lifts for the larger vans in particular, but the most universal feature to expect are the security cables (or ropes). These are essential for keeping your moving boxes in place and your breakables unbroken. These should come as standard, but if they're not they are certainly worth the extra outlay.

So, you've got the vehicle of choice, now you've just got the move to do. It's a big deal, I know, but as long as you've chosen the most dependable four wheeled work horse that your budget can stretch to, this part should now be worry free. Now you just have to worry about the traffic, one thing that's hard to plan for.

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