With a week before your SW19 house removals, you should be pretty much set, and raring to go! It may sound unlikely at this stage, but with the right planning, you will be able to make your last week before the move an easy one, as you will already be in the swing of things. It is more about the weeks before hand, when you plan out the time before the move and strategize the whole thing, as this is when you can make provisions for the whole thing to go without a hitch. The most important thing that you can give yourself is time, as this is the ingredient in your move that you will most often find that you do not have if your planning has not gone well. For this reason, you should start thinking about the move a good few weeks in advance, in order that you ensure that your move is a stress free and easy one.

So, start thinking about the move with a month or so to go, and write up a list of everything that you need to get sorted before the day of your SW19 removal. If you can, get a friend or loved one to help you out with the list to make sure that you do not miss anything. When you have a comprehensive list of everything that you need to get sorted, you can draw up a time table of how you think things should go ahead. The hope is that you have given yourself enough time so that you only have to do a small amount of work each day, and that you are not rushed at all. This time table will be a great reference point for what you still have to do, and what is sorted, so stick to it religiously and you should find that your move is easy overall. Allocate jobs to others who are involved in the move like your flatmates or family, so that there is less pressure on each person. Time everything carefully so that it is done in the most efficient way, and give thought to how you can reduce the costs of each factor, so that the stress of wasting money is reduced also.

With this list in hand you can get on with your day without having to worry about what has to be done and what has already been sorted out, as you need only to look down at the list to find these things out! Your SW19 removal will likely become a whole load easier this way, and with the combination of a great removals company or man and van from the area, you can make the process a walk in the park, which is not exactly the way that most people view moving house! The week before your move, you should be well underway with packing, have booked your Wimbledon removals company, and had many things sorted. You will yet to have packed your essentials, like every day kitchenware, most clothing and bedding, but a lot of it will be packed, just to make things easier later on. As the day of the move approaches, do not let it panic you; retain your trust in the time table and you should be fine to get everything completed with the help of your flat mates or family.

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