Moving home can be a stressful business. There's a lot to take care of, you've got to juggle the budget management, the sorting and packing of all of your goods and possessions, and the logistics. There's a lot to take care of on an SW19 removal, so it's best to be properly planned, especially if you're taking it on without the help of a mover.

A move without a professional mover will take more planning and hard work than it normally would, but the process is a heck of lot less expensive. Keep in mind though, you've got to be careful when hiring and loading your SW19 removals van. There's quite a bit that could potentially go wrong if proper care isn't exercised; things could get lost, broken or potentially left behind. To prevent these from happening, here a few tips that will ensure the removal van remains a safe and valuable resource.

Think about what type of van you'll need

There's plenty of things to get straight in your head before you even think about hiring a removal van. The most important of which is what van size is appropriate for your moving needs. The best way to go about this is to ask your local van hire depot for help. By telling them the rough size and distance of removal you're thinking about, they will be able to recommend the right piece of haulage equipment for you. Are you moving alone, or with a small family? How many bedrooms worth of stuff will you be taking? If you can provide them with answers to questions like these, you'll be pointed in the right direction.

Do the packing properly

One of the key factors to guarantee an incident free removal is to get the packing right. If everything is properly wrapped up, and the boxes aren't overloaded then there's less chance of anything being broken. To make sure that the packing goes properly, set aside ample time to get it done, and get a hold of the proper materials. Good, solid moving boxes as well as heavy duty packing tape and bubble wrap will help build the framework of a successful move.

Make sure you're ready on moving day

When the day finally arrives, you'll want to be properly set up for the move. That means you'll want to have all of your equipment ready. Trolleys, dolly trucks as well as some helpful friends and family members are all necessary for a successful days move. You don't want to be loading heavy or delicate items without help, you'll risk breaking them, or worse, yourself. As long as you're prepared for the loading process, all you have to do is exercise proper care, and you should be fine.

Now for the actual loading

As far as the loading process goes, there's just a few things that you should keep in mind. In order to lift heavy items safely, you should keep your back straight, and use your legs to do most of the work, and don't take on a load that you know is too heavy for you. Make sure you drink a good amount of water as well, all of that hard work can cause you to become dehydrated, and you'll want to avoid that at all costs.

The actual loading order is as follows; heavier items like furniture should go in first, and should be properly secured with elastic straps or guide ropes. The boxes should go in next, and if you need to stack them, the heavier, sturdier ones should take the brunt at the bottom, and lighter ones should be placed at the top, and all of them should be secured before you set off on your journey.

So, there you have it. By taking proper care when lifting and loading items into your SW19 removal van, everything should stay in one piece. Planning and taking your time are valuable steps to take on a move. Its understandable to want to get there as soon as possible, but you shouldn't at the expense of safety.

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