28Aug 2014
Should You Be Hiring A Removals Company, Or A Removal Van Yourself?
Should You Be Hiring A Removals Company, Or A Removal Van Yourself?
When it comes to finding the right way in which to get your home removals underway, you will find that there are a couple of different options available to you. Many people tend to just go for the normal option of getting a removal company involved, and there are reasons for this. A removal company will be reliable, have experience and knowledge in the field, and will have the man power and vehicles to get a large removal sorted easily. However, the cost can often put people off, and in a job that is at base level, one of lifting things into a van, and then driving it elsewhere and unloading it, you will perhaps be tempted by this. In the pitfalls of cost for the removal firms, you will find that there are many more issues abound in trying to do the job yourself, so be well aware that it is not nearly as simple as it may look on the tin. Having a decent think about how you want to do your removal, as well as the implications of the difference between using movers or removal van hire, will give you a much better insight in to the decision you are about to make.Commercial van hire.You will find that hiring a commercial van only really makes sense if you are used to driving one. The cost of hiring a van for a day will be significantly cheaper than that of moving services, but there is a reason for that. When hiring a removal vehicle, you literally get just the vehicle, and this means that you need to find all of the padding, strapping, equipment and man power yourself. If you have a few friends who are capable of lifting heavy furniture all day, then you may well be able to get the job done, but before the job starts, it always seems like a better idea than it will have at the end. Be very aware of the fact that these jobs are grueling, tiresome and can cause a lot of injury. If you are in a position where you are getting tired, there is more likelihood of injury, and these sorts of injuries that come with lifting and shifting can be long term ones. You also need to consider the implications of driving the van when it is fully loaded. The handling becomes a lot harder, and the result is that you end up risking the safety of the contents. If you find yourself swinging around corners because you are not used to how the van is weighted, then you are most likely knocking all of the content in the back around, and making a right mess of it all!Removal service hire.A removals company will undo all of the stress and bother mentioned above. You will have a solid basis from which to work, as their experience will emanate hat you are able to make decisions based on past events and precedence. The man power will mean that you don’t have to risk any damages or injury through having inexperienced people on the job, and it will generally be a lot smoother in terms of having a driver who is used to the handling of the vehicle. If you pay that extra money, and it is a considerably larger fee, for a removal company, you will find that the chances of your belongings getting to the new place undamaged will be a lot higher. It’s your choice!

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